How to join DESeq2 object "res" to the gene annotation with dplyr?
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5.2 years ago
jomagrax ▴ 40

Hi everyone, Im trying to create a diferential expresion table from DESeq2, I have obteined the "res" object from the DESEq2 analysis, and I have imported the gene annotation, the problem is that I don't know how to join these two file so I can obtain a final data frame that has the same information than de "res" object plus the transcripts id that are contained in the gene annotation file.

I have figured out that dplyr's function left_join can be usefull, but I keep getting the error:

left_join(res_data,gen_anotation, by ="gen")

   Error: `by` can't contain join column `gen` which is missing from LHS
Call `rlang::last_error()` to see a backtrace

Thank you all in advance

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5.2 years ago

Convert res to a data.frame

res_data <-

Then, you can join your data with the dplyr::left_join function or any other similar

To do so, you must have a column in the res file and in the annotation file with the exactly the same gene names. These two columns must have the same colname, such as "gene"


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