Help for glmnet analyzing gene-pairs survival datas.
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2.7 years ago
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Does anybody know glmnet? I've read some articles, which referred to a gene-pairs conception, and they analyzed survival data within the form of gene-pairs. enter link description here and enter link description here.

What puzzles me is how to prepare the needed data. I know they all need to merge some data as the meta-dataset, but they are still single gene as row names. While the articles above both analyzed gene-pairs (combination with two different genes) survival data with R package glmnet. What is the key point of this transformation?

Any thoughts will be helpful, Thanks for your precious time, and wish you a great day!

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I show how to use glmnet in a standard situation, here: A: How to exclude some of breast cancer subtypes just by looking at gene expressio

If you want to get help, you should pull the information from the 2 publications to which you have linked and paste that information here. We do not really have time to trawl through these publications for you.



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