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The Institute of Network Biology – INET – is a leading institution in protein-interaction network analysis. We are a institute at the Helmholtz Zentrum Munich located in the north of Munich.

A deep understanding of principles and specifics of protein interaction network function, and how perturbations by microbes and evolutionary processes result in altered phenotypes, are the key aspects guiding our institutes research agenda. The understanding of molecular networks and their dynamics by natural perturbations will facilitate their targeted modulation for applications in medicine and bio economy. The Institute is based on an interdisciplinary approach that combines experimental high-throughput protein-interaction mapping and mechanistic studies with computational analyses ranging from graph theory and statistics, machine learning, phylogenetic analyses to quantitative modeling.

To a highly motivated applicant we are offering the position of a PhD candidate in computational network biology

Job description

The open position will involve working with a multi-disciplinary team of molecular biologists and bioinformaticians as we apply, further develop and leverage methods and technologies towards protein-interactions in different contextual settings with focus on host-microbe interaction networks in the context of humans disease related to allergies and intolerances. We provide a stimulating and highly collaborative research environment that is embedded in a network of local, national and international collaborations.

Your Qualifications

  • A background in bioinformatics, systems or network biology, complex systems or comparable is expected.
  • Candidates should be interested to bio-computational analyze protein interaction networks on a systematical level.
  • Familiarity with biological data bases and scripting languages as well as the command of programming languages (Python, C, C++ or Java) is required.
  • Candidates should be conceptually familiar with high throughput settings and analyzing of high throughput data in a systems biology context.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills as well as the ability to collaborate effectively with a diverse multidisciplinary and multicultural team are necessary.
  • A proactive and independent thinking personality devoted to science and motivated to search for innovative research solutions would fit into our research team.

For further information please visit our lab website: For an application please use the following link:

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