Finding a remote supervisor/mentor/someone to talk to about a possible idea?
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2.4 years ago
Barış Ekim ▴ 10

Hello all!

I’m a rising senior at an institute of technology in the US, and I was wondering if you guys had any advice on how to move forward with a potential idea I have.

I have been working in a comp bio lab for about 2 years, mainly doing work independently and consulting with the PI/postdocs/grad students whenever I need to. I am currently at home for the summer and I have an idea that I want to explore, but I don’t know how to start working towards putting all the parts together, and I get easily overwhelmed by working independently since I lack the kind of expansive knowledge that goes into a research project.

My PI has been in the field for many years and she is usually very busy, and I’ve been contacting her every so often that I don’t want to pester her with emails anymore. Moreover, I am looking for someone who can help me make stable progress throughout the project (since I don’t have much experience with starting a project from scratch), and give pointers on wheat to pay attention to and show me the fundamentals of managing the different parts in an organized manner, and the PI does not have any time whatsoever for that.

The main thing is, I am currently back home (in the Middle East), and cannot meet any potential collaborators in person. I have recently collaborated with another PI remotely on a different project (which we completed and submitted to a conference), but it was an extension of his previous work. I don’t believe he would be willing to work with me on a different idea.

How should I go about finding someone who is willing to work with me and help develop this idea? Mail out requests to PIs/postdocs/grad students? Or give up on finding someone else and try to do everything on my own?

Thank you all so much in advance and I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

tl;dr I have an idea that I want to explore, and I am looking for someone who can give me some advice on how to proceed.

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is this more IT or biology related? if it is the first one I might be able to help

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FYI: I think the Website link on your profile is wrong, it goes to some strange website?

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Thanks! Just edited. I don't have an active personal website yet - you can check out my LinkedIn instead.


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