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4.6 years ago
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Hello everyone.

I started looking for ways to improve my bioinformatics skills and found:

  1. Open Source Society University - Path to a free self-taught education in Bioinformatics!
  2. A New Online Computational Biology Curriculum
  3. An Online Bioinformatics Curriculum

However the OSSU was assembled 2 years ago and the other two articles were puplicated in 2012 and 2014. Some courses listed on OSSU are out of date and many of the links from both papers are no longer available online.

Therefore, two weeks ago I started updating the curriculum posted on OSSU, as well as looking for information in the two papers listed.

And of course I contacted Enes Kemal Ergin (OSSU Curriculum Founder) to talk about the idea of updating his curriculum, and he doesn't object.

My idea with this curriculum is:

i) create a website in Portuguese to disseminate bioinformatics, posting this curriculum and several other sources, like the The Biostar Handbook, as well as some tutorials.

ii) For sure, I will take all the courses and write my opinion about them during the journey (as a blog).

I would like to receive some revisions about this curriculum, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve it.

You can VIEW and add reviews HERE or in this forum.

Best regards,


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