News:New layout for NCBI BLAST FTP database site starting February 4, 2020
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4.4 years ago
GenoMax 143k

I am re-posting this FYI since many here use BLAST+ regularly. This email was sent by the BLAST program manager at NCBI .

As we have announced previously, the new default database version for BLAST+ is dbV5. To complete this transition, the ftp database site will be updated to support this change. We expect this change to happen around February 4th, please adjust your scripts or procedures accordingly.

Here is a list of what is changing:

  1. All databases at the root level will be dbV5.
  2. The dbV5 file naming, “_v5” will be removed. Databases with no “_vX” descriptor will be dbV5.
  3. dbV4 tarballs will be renamed with "_v4", files included in tarball will not be renamed.
  4. dbV4 databases will be moved to a v4 subdirectory.
  5. As of 1/13/20 the Cloud directory will be frozen with no more new entries.
  6. The will be no more updates to dbV4 databases.
  7. The FASTA directory will contain nr, nt, swissprot, and pdbaa files.
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