News:Webinar on Extensive Assessment of Gene Fusion Detection, Prioritization, Annotation and Characterization on 11 March 2020
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This webinar will focus on the gene fusion detection and characterization using Strand NGS, a sequencing data analysis software designed by biologists - for biologists.

Fusion events are commonly observed in cancer and are prevalent in both hematological and solid tumors. Though these events seem to be random but they show classic non-random behavior both structurally and functionally. Testing for the gene fusion events helps in disease diagnosis, identifying therapeutic treatment, prognosis information and works as a guide to take targeted therapy decisions.

From a biologists perspective, Vaishali will exhibit on how to effortlessly utilize Strand NGS to perform an end to end analysis starting from aligning the raw data, filtering reads based on quality, perform gene fusion detection, filter the fusion events to remove false positives, annotate against already known fusion events, quantify the data to understand the change in expression levels caused due to these events and lastly link the biological effect of the fused genes.



About the speaker:

Ms. Vaishali Chakraborty has a Masters in Bioinformatics from Amity University, Noida and a Bachelors in Biotechnology from Banasthali University, Rajasthan. In her five years at Strand Life Sciences, she has worked closely with multi-disciplinary teams across the array expression, metabolomics and sequencing analysis domains. With her deep background and domain experience, she has played diverse roles including application support, delivery of multiple research analysis projects and product development. Currently, she is an application scientist involved in developing and supporting the Strand NGS software.

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