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12.2 years ago
lsvijfhuizen ▴ 90

Dear All,

At the moment I am working on a mouse SAGE data project. The first analysis step was to align the reads against a reference genome and count per gene the number of reads. That generates a count data table for each mouse. I compared the difference in counts between genes for our wild-type mouses (5) with our mutant mouses (6) to see if a gene is differentially expressed between these mouse models.

Now i want to run the same analysis only with a transcriptome as reference. I generate a SAM file, and now i am wondering if there is a easy way to count unique transcripts in the SAM file and report this as a count data file.

Hope that it is clear to you, Thank you!


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OFF TOPIC: Just out of curiosity, if your transcriptome has all available isoforms (or transcripts) of a gene, then how do you distinguish reads that fall in the identical portion of the two isoforms? Wouldn't those reads map to multiple positions? How do you resolve this?

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12.2 years ago

You can do something like:

cut -f 3 transcipts.sam | sort | uniq -c > transcripts_counts.txt

(I don't remember off the top of my head if field 3 is the right one for a .sam file)

That will select out only column 3 of the .sam file, the sort will sort that list, and uniq -c will output a list of every unique entry, and how many times it was in that list.

Better would be for you to stay out of .sam format all together, and do:

samtools view transcripts.bam | cut -f 3 | sort | uniq -c > transcripts_counts.sam

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