News:Pan-Structural Variation hackathon in the Cloud (Remote hackathon)
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3.7 years ago
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The “Structural Variant Crying Club” is pleased to announce the next round of Structural Variants in the Cloud Hackathon teaming up with Pangenomes and COVID research! For the latter, we will work together with COV-IRT.

The hackathon will be held remotely, Oct. 11-14, 2020

Prizes for the best participants!

  • COVID 19 diversity
  • Precision medicine
  • Incorporation of population data to a reference graph
  • Mapping structural variants to public databases
  • Building genome graphs representing population SVs
  • Calculating the heritability of different types of structural variants
  • CNV effect on isoform expression
  • Incorporation of Public Annotation Databases with Graphs
  • Assembly accuracy for metagenomics
  • Develop a pipeline for submission of non-graph associated read assemblies to a public sequence database.
  • Quality assessment in large cohorts
  • Develop efficient query mechanisms from graph genomes
  • Assessing the benefits of graph genomes in clinical analysis


Please follow this link for more information and to apply: Application for Structural Variation in the Cloud Hackathon, Oct 11-14, 2020

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