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3.5 years ago
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Cellosaurus release 36 is available on the ExPASy server:

1) Statistics

  • 124601 cell lines (93805 human, 21139 mouse, 2180 rat)
  • 689 species represented
  • 86409 synonyms
  • 367930 cross-references to 92 ontologies, databases, catalogs, etc.
  • 123206 references to 20382 distinct publications (papers, patents, theses, etc.)
  • 21139 web links
  • 7378 human, mouse and dog cell lines with STR profiles (from 563 distinct sources)

Since release 35 of July 2020: 1422 entries were created and 37459 entries were updated

2) Changes in the DR lines

Cross-references were added to the Progenetix database that provides an overview of mutation data in cancer with a focus on copy number abnormalities (CNV / CNA), for all types of human malignancies.

Corresponding entry in the file cellosaurus_xrefs.txt:

Abbrev: Progenetix
Name  : Cancer genome data @
Cat   : Polymorphism and mutation databases

Example: DR Progenetix; CVCL_7943

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