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3.5 years ago
thezgabby • 0

Hey everyone,

First-time Biostars user here! After lurking in the shadows for a while I thought to post this here.

My startup, BioBox Analytics, has built a data analytics platform for scientists working with next gen sequencing. The platform allows you to build, configure & run standard workflows in the cloud, generate publication plots, identify insights within your data and use a biological search engine to find papers, gene metadata and pathways related to your query.

Our goal is to reduce barriers within the end-to-end process by giving biologists autonomy to work & play with their data in a secure sandbox and bioinformaticians freedom to work on building their exciting & complex pipelines.

The Beta version of the platform is about to end, so I was wondering if anyone would like to give us some last minute feedback before we launch this thing. We want to validate that these features are actually useful and helpful for the scientific community so we ask that you please be honest (even if it's harsh).

Please reach out if you are able to provide feedback!

Thanks in advance for volunteering your time, I really appreciate it.

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Can you compare yourself to an existing player in the field (say,Seven Bridges), and tell us how you're better?

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How do people try it out? There is no information other than your description.


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