Tool:rBCS & pyBCS: open-source packages to support interactive visualizations of single-cell data
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17 months ago
Jennifer Pham ▴ 450

To support interactive visualizations of single-cell data, we released two open-source packages, pyBCS and rBCS, for creating a BioTuring Compressed Study (BCS) file from a scanpy or seurat object.

BCS files can be loaded directly into BBrowser, a platform for single-cell omics data analysis, without going through the in-app pre-processing pipeline.

Here scientists can interactively visualize their single-cell analysis results from scanpy and seurat, and perform more downstream analyses (e.g. marker finding, differential expression, compositional analysis, enrichment analysis, sub-clustering, etc.).

rBCS (compatible with Seurat 3 and 4):

pyBCS (compatible with scanpy >=1.0.0):


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