Job:Looking For A Bioinformatician To Form A Partnership In New Delhi, India
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11.3 years ago
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Hello everybody

I am Mustafa Vohra, completed M.Sc in Microbiology in 2009, working as a Project Associate at a Institute in New Delhi. Side wise I an also working to develop my own company in the field of biotechnology. My interest lies in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and have good knowledge in it. I have a idea which I would like to carry forward but I need of an expert in bioinformatics. The idea is a sure shot success and short time based.

So I am in need of partnering a young bioinformatics who is good in DNA sequencing/analysis software and making algorithms, thus who knows to work with any one languages like: C, C++, Erlang, Java, Perl, Python, R, Ruby, and Scala. He/She should be New Delhi Based.

No finance required. Just give extra time from your work/studies. Willing to work in partnership.

Any one interested can contact at

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Is it what you are trying to achieve? Do you have money to establish your company? or you are looking for a third party -a bioinformatician? You have to be little more specific if you want to sell your idea; situation is not that bad that bioinformatician will come begging for jobs!


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