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The first annual International Environmental ‘Omics Synthesis conference will be held in Cardiff, UK, on September 9-11th, 2013, followed by a Technology Training Workshop on 12-13th September.

The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers and organisations from a range of disciplines with shared interests in the development of new approaches for data handling, generation and analysis in environmental omics. Science areas of interest include bioinformatics, DNA-barcoding, genomics, metagenomics, metabarcoding, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, epigenetics, evolutionary and ecological omics, phylogenetics, study of ancient DNA and anthropology, new tools, resources and training, and beyond as applied to the study of the natural environmental and environmentally relevant organisms and systems. It is our hope is that the resulting interaction and exchange of ideas will lead to novel approaches, new collaborations and the establishment of a wider integrated ‘Omic community.

Conference Main

  1. SESSION I. Archeaological Omics. Learning from the Past to inform the Future.
  2. SESSION II. Ecological Omics . from Biodiversity workflows to Molecular Adaptation.
  3. SESSION III. Epigenetics. From Molecules to Phenotypes.
  4. SESSION IV. Evolutionary Omics. Phylogenetics and the Tree of Life.
  5. SESSION V. Integrated and systems Omics. Towards Environmental Systems Biology.
  6. SESSION VI. Community Ecology. Community Profiling (Metagenomics and Metabarcoding) to Function.

Workshop 1 - NBAF Technology Training Workshop

  1. Session 1: Hands-on workshop on RNAseq gene expression analysis using R-Bioconductor
  2. Session 2: Hands-on workshop on restriction-site associated DNA (RAD) data analysis
  3. Session 3: Case studies in metabolomics
  4. Session 4: Bio-Linux, a taster session

Workshop 2 - Modeling and Analysis of Biological Networks

  1. SESSION 1: Systems Biology: A tool for understanding complex systems
  2. SESSION 2: Inference, Analysis and Validation of biological networks
  3. SESSION 3: Training session

Full details and registration at

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