News:An Interesting Article On Bioinformatics Education With Some Press For Biostar
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10.9 years ago
Mary 11k

Biostar got a nice mention in GenomeWeb, in a longer piece on bioinformatics education. Many people here might be interested in other parts of it too, but I'll just highlight the Biostar-specific part here. Go read the rest at their site.

Here's the URL for the piece, but it may require registration. Or you may have to click from a tweet to get behind the wall. Direct link to the news item:

Here's the tweet I accessed it from:


GenomeWeb Feature: Many Options, Formal and Informal, for Those Seeking Bioinformatics Education July 31, 2013

By Uduak Grace Thomas

....There are also forums such as BioStar and SeqAnswers, which are outlets for researchers to ask and answer research-related informatics questions and also to share information about new methods and approaches for using bioinformatics tools. "Those are high-quality websites in terms of the people that post there and the opinions they have," MSU's Brown said. Also, since many researchers read and contribute to these forums, "you can sort of trust what you read there because there are a lot of people reading it and correcting it," he said....

High-quality opinions here. With corrections. :)

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Added some corrections to the title ;-)

Thanks for the catch, it is a very interesting piece that collects a lot of other information


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