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7 days ago
Chirag Parsania ★ 1.9k

I wonder are there package-specific websites (e.g. built from package down) for core Bioconductor packages such as GenomicRanges, AnnotationHub, BSgenome, TxDb, etc.? Like each package included in tidyverse has its own website make package exploration very handly. While in the case of Bioconductor packages every time I want to know some functionality of Bioconductor package googling it leads to multiple sources including HTML and pdf links. I know the vignettes and documentation of these packages are well maintained. Still, I feel package dedicated website makes a different impact.

Any thoughts on this?

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6 days ago
Lluís R. ★ 1.1k

This is unlikely to happen on the Bioconductor building machines, but some packages might have it on their github or gitlab repositories. Do not expect this for Bioconductor core maintained packages though. You can always ask the project if they want to do so.

You might also find interesting the website to explore code and search functionality for all packages on Bioconductor.


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