News:QC for Next Generation Sequencing
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2.4 years ago
Emilie • 0

Interested in how Dash Bio can be used to gain more insight into Next-Generation Sequencing Quality Control? Plotly’s webinar on Wednesday will go over how to build interactive QC reports with Dash and Dash Bio.

We will be going over two types of QC reports:

  • Level 1: Non-Alignment based metrics
  • Level 2: Alignment against a reference genome

In Level 1, we will create a dash app to show how quickly you can compare multiple different fastq files to make a base reference.

In Level 2, we will look into how Dash's Alignment Chart helps researchers discover novel differences that appear in multiple sequences. The Alignment Chart component aligns multiple genomic or proteomic sequences from a FASTA or Clustal file. It displays three subplots showing gap and conservation info, alongside industry-standard color scale support for consensus sequence. Thanks to its underlying WebGL architecture powering the component, Alignment Chart can quickly display genes or proteins no matter your alignment's size.

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Changing post type to News since this is an announcement for a webinar.

Tutorial posts actually show how to do something by example or should at least point to a resource (web page/GitHub etc) that shows this information.


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