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2.3 years ago
Marcela ▴ 20


I will start a Ms in Bioinformatics to improve my ability to manage data from 'OMICS'. I have already a PhD in Molecular Biology, so that additional knowledge would complement the biology background. I am wondering if there are jobs in remote to work out of Europe or US? I ask this because the request of Bioinformaticians in my country is quite limited.

Thanks a lot,

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2.3 years ago
GenoMax 143k

Not to be flippant, but everything is possible now-a-days. One thing COVID has done is that it upended the in-person work regime.

Logistics of making remote work possible is challenging. Not only for you but for the company/institution in question. They would need to want to have you on their team strongly enough since it will involve a lot more work for them to hire/pay a person who may not be in the same jurisdiction they normally operate out of. Depending on which company you work for, you may end up paying taxes in two places, have issues with health insurance, if that is a consideration. Time zones could be a challenge (or a benefit).

You can start looking for jobs on (or other similar sites) that specifically mention possibility of remote work (though many may be limited to parent country). Getting that first job may prove challenging. Good luck.

On second reading of your post, it appears that you won't be ready to enter the job market for 1-2 more years. So things could change between now and then.

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2.3 years ago

Yes, you can work at least partially remote in Europe these days.

I know people in France working in Germany, Germans working in the US (though this is less not common in science), etc. I think generally they will want you in the same country for tax purposes, and you'll have to be prepared to go to the office to get to know people and gain their trust.

Partial remote, eg one-two days on site per week, seems very common these days in Germany in science, industry and tech. I know people who do 0 days on site too, though often top management are pushing for a return to on-site work.


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