Forum:Best resource for getting a person with a Math/Comp Sci background the right amount of Biology knowledge
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23 months ago
LauferVA 4.2k

Hello Biostars,

This questions strikes me as one that may well have good answers elsewhere. I am willing to delete this post in that case - just let me know. I did not find one on initial searches.

Normally, when I have been asked how to get into bioinformatics, it is by people who already know biology or medicine fairly well, but who want to learn the CS / mathematics side. In this case, I have a new contact that wants to learn the biology / medicine side but already has a background in both CS and mathematics.

The specific context is that he works in a clinical sequencing lab, but he does not always understand the biological side of discussions that occur during meetings he attends (that will result in work for him). As such, mostly what he needs to understand is genomics, variant callers, cancer biology, Next Gen artifacts, types of genetic variation, etc. I am looking for suggestions on targeted resources in this area.

Thank you!

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23 months ago
cmdcolin ★ 3.8k

quinlan - applied genomics (probably requires watching the videos, skimming slides probably not that helpful

ibiology - good lectures on variety of topics, mostly biology and not bioinformatics. understanding bioinformatics is one thing, but repeatedly just listening to what biologists are saying can provide important perspective, even if it's not immediately applicable to your everyday bioinformatics work. I liked their x-chromosome inactivation lectures also have a list of cancer related things here

reading a book: this is a great way to self study. forces you to slow down to absorb at the right pace Recommend Your Favorite Bioinformatics Books

going to conferences is also a very valuable learning experience. a lot of stuff may go over a neophytes head, but it gives you a lot of good perspectives.

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TYVM colin - this should be enough to get him started.



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