Tutorial:ViennaRNA package installation in Windows
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20 months ago
Sandhiya ▴ 20

Hello Everyone,

It takes a long day to fix the software errors and finally install any package with its required dependencies. ViennaRNA is amazing stuff which could be serving a lot of useful tasks with respect to RNA/DNA secondary structures.

This post is a short detailed one that will walk you through the installation steps of ViennaRNA in windows.

The following picture shows the steps in short ..

Save your time with the installation..

Hope it will be useful!

enter image description here

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I applaud any tutorial as it takes time. A couple of suggestions that could make it more useful.

Your step #3 is how this program is installed under Unix/Linux, so there is nothing different or more difficult there. I think the bigger problem in installing this program -- and really any program under Windows -- is in steps 1-2. It may be helpful to provide some details there. Also, it would be cumbersome to type the wget command from your screenshot. It may be more useful to post the information in text format to make it easier to copy-paste,

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20 months ago
Asaf 10k

ViennaRNA can be installed with Bioconda meaning you can easily install it with bioconda or use the prebuild docker container hosted on biocontainers. Windows has WSL now so no need for Cygwin anymore (although it will still work). You can start with this tutorial on how to install ubuntu on WSL 2.0. After installing ubuntu you can install miniconda (lots of tutorials out there). Then what's left to do is:

conda create -n vienna viennarna -c bioconda 
conda activate vienna

And you're ready to go.


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