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21 months ago
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Cellosaurus release 43 is available at (please note the new URL)

1) Statistics

  • 141885 cell lines (106170 human, 21928 mouse, 2637 rat)
  • 792 species represented
  • 103951 synonyms
  • 411580 cross-references to 100 ontologies, databases, catalogs, etc.
  • 146426 references to 25074 distinct publications (papers, patents, theses, etc.)
  • 14489 web links
  • 8448 human, mouse and dog cell lines with STR profiles (from 770 distinct sources)

Since release 42 of June 2022: 2296 entries were created and 10085 entries were updated.

2) Changes concerning cross-references

2a) Cross-references were added to the newly established Insect Cell Lines Database (ICLDB)

Corresponding entry in the file cellosaurus_xrefs.txt:

Abbrev: ICLDB
Name  : Insect Cell Lines DataBase
Term. : No
Cat   : Cell line databases/resources

DR   ICLDB; agf2

2b) Cross-references to eagle-i have been discontinued

The eagle-i National Network and eagle-i resource search at was retired on November 4, 2021. See:

2c) Cross-references to TCB have been discontinued

The Tick Cell Biobank (TCB) used to be hosted at the Pirbright Institute and is now at Liverpool University but does not currently provide individual access to information pages on specific cell lines. We have therefore removed the cross-references and added a wen link to the home page of the TCB at Liverpool in the relevant entries.

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