Tool:FungiExpresZ: an intuitive package for fungal gene expression data analysis, visualization and discovery
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12 months ago
Chirag Parsania ★ 2.0k

In our effort to help bench scientists to analyse fungal (and non-fungal) gene expression data with few clicks, presenting FungiExpresZ -

Key features:

  1. intuitive and user-friendly bioinformatics tool for data analysis and a database of fungal gene expression profiling data
  2. built with wet-lab scientists in mind to overcome their computational and bioinformatic limitations in data analysis
  3. offers 19 different bioinformatics analyses, and their outputs are provided in publication-ready figures
  4. >15,000 uniquely processed fungal SRA gene expression data
  5. >100 fungal species for GO analysis
  6. Available both online and offline (r pkg & docker)

Read more about the tool in the paper just out in BIB

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