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12 months ago

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And lo, a new update to the Biostar Workflows was revealed, and it didst contain wondrous code for functional analysis and enrichment, along with automated workflows to ease the burden of the diligent researcher.

The new edition includes reproducible data analysis workflows that allow you to perform an RNA-Seq analysis in just 10 minutes!

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That's right! You'll be a scientist on the go, 10 minutes from anywhere - just like in "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" - minus the hair pomade, of course.

  • In the Airway RNA-Seq in 10 minutes we take a published research paper and demonstrate that a small subset of the sequencing data can perfectly reproduce the gene expression effect of dexamethasone on smooth airway muscles
  • In contrast, in the Presenilin RNA-Seq in 10 minutes we run the same standardized workflow on a study for Alzheimer's disease; alas we find that the results are not all that reproducible.

As usual, each step is meticulously documented and explained.

And that's not all - the Art of Bioinformatics Scripting has been completely reformulated and typeset, making it an even greater value and resource for your career.

The software installation section has been automated to the point where a single command now bootstraps any computer, macOS, Linux and Windows, into a bioinformatics beast in less than 10 minutes.

Let all those who seek the truth and the path to discovery join the multitude of faithful scientists who have found enlightenment through the Biostar Handbook. Get it now and be blessed with the gift of knowledge.

As always, with the Biostar Handbook, you'll have access to all books and new editions - all included in your subscription!

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