Tutorial:How to ask computational biology questions
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11 months ago
Ming Tommy Tang ★ 3.9k

Hi all,

I think it is relevant to post here because we are all here to ask questions. If you want others to help you, make sure it is frictionless. Everyone is busy. If you do not make an effort to ask good questions, do not expect others to answer you.

I made the same mistakes before. so do not feel bad. Let's learn together.

Tip #1 Do your homework. Google first

Tip #2 Give context. what biological questions are you asking? what exact are you trying to achieve?

Tip #3 Show me your code. what you have tried, why it is not working?

Tip #4 Show appreciation. Be thankful to the one who answers your question.

See a video here

Happy Learning! Tommy

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This is very nice and much more detailed. Unfortunately, people still ask poor questions on this site. the thread should be a required reading for everyone :)


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