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9 months ago
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Hello everyone,

We've noticed an increasing number of inquiries about reliable Unix tutorials to kickstart one's journey into bioinformatics. To address this need, we've compiled a selection of recommendations below. Feel free to expand upon this list with additional resources you find valuable.

Software Carpentry Unix Shell Lessons

Software Carpentry offers a comprehensive set of lessons that cover the Unix shell and its application in bioinformatics. These lessons are beginner-friendly and provide hands-on exercises to help you learn Unix commands and workflows. Website: https://software-carpentry.org/lessons/

Unix for Poets

This tutorial is created by Dr. Ken Church, and it's a concise and clear introduction to Unix commands with a focus on text processing and manipulation, which is quite useful for bioinformatics tasks. Tutorial: http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Teaching/Unix/

Command Line Bootcamp

This is a comprehensive tutorial that covers the basics of using the Unix command line. While not bioinformatics-specific, it provides a solid foundation for anyone looking to work with Unix in any technical field. Tutorial: http://korflab.ucdavis.edu/bootcamp.html

Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous

This tutorial is designed to make you comfortable working with the command line in Unix-like environments. It covers essentials and can be helpful for beginners in bioinformatics. Website: https://www.learnenough.com/command-line

Bash for Biologists

This tutorial is specifically geared towards biologists and bioinformaticians who want to learn Bash scripting for automating tasks and data analysis. Tutorial: https://ryanstutorials.net/bash-scripting-tutorial/

We hope you find these recommendations insightful as you embark on your bioinformatics journey. Should you discover additional valuable resources, don't hesitate to contribute to our list.

Happy learning and exploring!

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These will be good start for any new bioinformatician. However, your links for following do not open-

  1. Command Line Bootcamp: http://rik.smith-unna.com/command_line_bootcamp
  2. Bash for Biologists: https://github.com/fmrib/bash_tutorial
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