Job:Bioinformatics internship available in the Netherlands
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9.8 years ago
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Bioinformatics has become the integral part of breeding. The challenge is to develop tools which to analyse and integrate large data in a meaningful manner. The successful candidate will work on two different exciting projects. (1) Building up the phylogenetic relationship between various accessions of vegetable crops and connect these to an internal data warehouse. The candidate will analyse Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) associated data together with genotyping data from various accessions. This will help the candidate to learn logic of phylogeny, analysis of NGS associated data and its application in breeding. (2) Study chromosomal rearrangements and their influence on genome integrity. This will help the candidate to learn in-silico tools for homology search and linking these information to the known recombination knowledge to make a working hypothesis. Both projects are very applied, therefore candidate should be proactive, ready to learn and apply and good in interactive skills. Basic knowledge of biology would be useful but is not mandatory. The student must be able to speak and write in English. Complete work will be done in in-silico. If you are interested, please send your CV and motivation letter to

Location: Rijkzwaan R&D, Fijnaart, Netherlands

Duration: 4-6 months full time, 38 hours a week. Based on the progress in projects, the contract can be extended beyond 6 months.

Period: Negotiable

Education: MSc or HBO/Bachelor in bioinformatics, computer science or applied science with a good computational proficiency with Linux system, knowledge in building up database and at least one scripting language (eg: perl, python etc).

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It would definitely be helpful to indicate whether or not this internship is paid -- indicating the salary range would be *extra* helpful.

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There is definitely a compensation for living+ commuting to work, however its an internship stipend. This may be something you may discuss with HR. For more about the company, you may look here


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