Question: Scatter plot for GSEA results analysis
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FreeMindAlex110 wrote:

Hi All,

I really like fig 5A in this paper:

It neatly displays result of the GSEA analysis with an indication of gene set size and P-value. Can anyone help me figure out how to make a graph like this given gene set + enrichment score + P-value + gene set size?



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This post was cited in:

Programming of Schwann Cells by Lats1/2-TAZ/YAP Signaling Drives Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumorigenesis . Cancer Cell. Volume 33, Issue 2, p292–308.e7, 12 February 2018

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siabadaba70 wrote:

Hi, I've run into your question while looking for something else. This gave me great idea to show my own analysis. I've prepared this fig-5A-like plot and I thought to share it. Here is the result picture: GSEA Scatter plot

And here is the code (in R):

# Preparing data
data <- data.frame(Gene_set=c("Gene_set1", "Gene_set2", "Gene_set3", "Gene_set4", "Gene_set5"),
                   NES=runif(5, -3, 3),
                   No_of_significant_genes=runif(5, 1, 100))

# Plotting
p <- ggplot(data, aes(NES, Gene_set))
p + geom_point(aes(colour=FDR_q.val, size=No_of_significant_genes)) +
    scale_color_gradientn(colours=rainbow(4), limits=c(0, 1)) +
    geom_vline(xintercept=0, size=0.5, colour="gray50") +
    theme(panel.background=element_rect(fill="gray95", colour="gray95"),
          panel.grid.major=element_line(size=0.25,linetype='solid', colour="gray90"), 
          panel.grid.minor=element_line(size=0.25,linetype='solid', colour="gray90"),
          axis.title.y=element_blank()) +
    expand_limits(x=c(-3,3)) +
    scale_x_continuous(breaks=c(-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3)) +
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Thank you so much for sharing the code! It's awesome!

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I don't understand what the "number of significant genes" corresponds to in the GSEA results. Is it the number of genes marked as "core enrichment"?

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roy.granit830 wrote:

You can get such nice plots using clusterProfiler, as seen here:

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