Forum:Game Theory: how to use it in RNA-seq DEG analysis
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7.1 years ago
Farbod ★ 3.4k

Dear Biostars, Hi (I am not native in English, do be ready for . . . )

I have seen this paper (and also Game Theory applied to gene expression analysis, Game Theory and Microarray Data Analysis) authors have used game theory for their microarray DEG analysis (microarray game).

Is there any simple guide from you (or other online resources) that can describe how to use related formula for checking game theory concept in the DEG analysis of RNA-seq experiences ? (Basically is it even practical?)

Maybe there is some software for doing such investigation, painlessly.

NOTE: For example please have a look at "Game Theory Method" in the first paper offered above :

Let N 5 {1,. . .,n} be a set of genes. A microarray game is a coalitional game (N, w) where the function w assigns to each coalition S ( N a frequency of associations, between a condition and a expression property, of genes realized in the coalition S."

Imagin we have 150 gene up-regulated in females and 80 up-regulated in males (using de novo assembly and DESeq2 package), now how we can use game theory for mining something new or some extra connections between this collection of genes?


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OK. good luck Farbod

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I want to understand that how I can use the formula (1) in this paper for my DEGs,

and hopefully discover something interesting as what this professor of MIT has discovered.


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