Learning some Drop-Seq as a first approach to RNA-Seq while on vacation
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6.2 years ago
Anima Mundi ★ 2.9k

Hi all, I would like to get a first glimpse about Drop-Seq data analysis, but I have no previous experience with RNA-Seq in general. To start familiarising with the topic, I was considering installing the software needed for some pipeline (e.g. this one) and then play a bit with a small dataset. However, currently I cannot meet even minimum hardware requirements. So, while planning to get access to better facilities in the mid term, I am thinking to spend some vacation time reading about RNA-Seq/Drop-Seq, and possibly having a first touch on how the actual job works. Here are my questions:

a) what online sources (text, videos etc.) would you recommend to learn Drop-Seq as a first approach to RNA-Seq? Of course, I am aware of Biostars Handbook, and I am currently reading it ;)

b) regarding visualizing data formats (maybe a few lines of typical text files) or even implementing some parts of an RNA-Seq pipeline, is there anything I can do on something as simple as an Asus Eee PC running Ubuntu 14.04?

I hope the question does not sound too silly, thanks!

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McCarroll Lab has resources/test data for dropseq.

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Thanks genomax, it looks interesting!


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