How do I apply a patch to hg38?
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5.9 years ago

I have hg38 and converted it from 2bit to .fa I see there are cumulative patches, I have the latest version (patch 11) How do I update my original file?

reference human freeze hg38 patch • 1.8k views
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Is there a reason you want to do this since patches only do the following:

A genome patch is a scaffold sequence that is part of a minor genome release. These sequences either correct errors in the assembly (a FIX patch) or add additional alternate loci (a NOVEL patch). These sequences allow us to update the assembly information without disrupting the chromosome coordinate system. FIX patches will be removed at the next major assembly release as the changes will be rolled into the new assembly. NOVEL patches will be moved from the PATCHES assembly unit to a proper assembly unit.

If you must have the latest then get the patched version directly here (GRCh38.p11).


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