News:BETA Testing Opportunity for new RNA-seq data analysis tool
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5.4 years ago
polina99 • 0

Hi everyone,

I'd like to invite you to the closed Beta testing of a new omics data analysis software. It's a great opportunity to get early access to what we believe to be a new, exciting tool. The requirements for participating in the closed Beta are:

  • Be a U.S. resident, working in the private sector or academia
  • Owning RNA-Seq data in fastq or fastq.gz format sequenced from Illumina machines (we support both single-end and paired-end, as well as multiplexed and demultiplexed fastq files)
  • The source organism need to be either E. coli MG1655, A. thaliana, or H. sapiens

Tests will run for approximately two weeks in February and you’ll be expected to complete brief questionnaires explaining your experience with our product. Testers successfully completing the brief testing assignments will receive rewards for their contribution.

If you find this opportunity interesting please reply to this message for more details.

Looking forward to welcoming new members to our BETA team!

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Sorry to nag you again, but your this post is also vague on details. You describe in very detail what you need from others, but not what others will get from you (except a vague reference to rewards). It is not even described what your Omics tool does, and what is different from infinite other similar tools out there. Also, why there is restriction of only US Residents? Biostars is a community driven process, where the community provide the essential oil to run the system. Also, it's a two-way system, where both the parties engage to provide useful insights to problem at hand. I am afraid, your approach has been only that of reaping the "oil" of the system without providing any meaningful contribution, whatsoever.

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Hello Santosh, thank you for response,

this is not vague on purpose, it's just that still some of the details are still in progress. This is actually a very early version of our BETA , with only a few features available of what the tool will actually be - as you can tell by the requirement that testers need to have one of only three organisms.

What we believe, and hope, makes our tool different is its intuitiveness; that is how it makes the entire data analysis process a friction-less workflow to the extent that even if you don't have any coding skills, you'd still be able to run your analysis just fine. Hope that answers your question.

As to the rewards, these will be based on the contribution of the tester and will, of course, be revealed beforehand to qualified beta testers.

This is a closed beta, hence the geographical requirement. The public beta will be available to all. As mentioned above, our hope is to contribute a user-friendly alternative that's accessible to more scientists.


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