Is it ok to use genotype replicates for association studies?
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5.0 years ago
rimgubaev ▴ 330

Hello everyone!

I got 90 individuals genotyped in 3 replicates (genotyping by sequencing), so as a result, my vcf file contains information on 270 samples. The phenotype data were collected for 90 individuals. Then I try to run the mixed linear model in TASSEL and each of 3 genotypes replicates got the same phenotype data. As I understand this is not ok since the phenotype variance getting smaller artificially.

And my problem solution now looks as follows:

  • I make the permutations, changing the phenotype data for each of 3 genotype replicates randomly for 500 times and running the MLM to find significant associations on random combinations.
  • Then I calculate p-value as follows: I divide the number of iterations with the number of significant SNPs equal to or greater than the number of significant SNPs obtained with using original phenotype-genotype combination by the number of iterations.

I obtain a pretty small p-value, around 0.02 and then also make a binomial test in order to ensure that it is unexpectable to obtain that number of significant SNPs by random chance.

If you ever had a similar situation please share some advice. I also would be grateful if you share your opinion.

Thank you.

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Please format your post better so it is easier to read - split into paragraphs with breaks where there is a slight change in context. When the content is a "wall of text", it discourages people from reading and by extension, getting to the core of your problem.

I've tried to format your post as best as I can, but please feel free to edit it and make any changes you think would be appopriate.

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That sounds not appropriate, and I think you should merge those replicates to keep one record per individual rather than 3. Are the genotypes between replicates mostly concordant?

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Yes, most of them (>75%) cluster together but others do not (I find out it by building an NJ tree). It s a plant sample so each replicate corresponds to a plant from a certain line, so it is biological replicate not technical. I tried to merge genotypes but in that case, I lose a huge amount of meaningful SNPs.


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