Do ncbi public site does not have bacteria genome?
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2.8 years ago
hirakuda • 0 In the abovve link in genome I only found 607 genomes. I search in google with the names , I found dthose are on insects of birds . Is there any public site of NCBI containing bacteria genome? It should not be any ftp portal as my wifi connection don't approve that.

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2.8 years ago
GenoMax 123k

You do not appear to be reading or following suggestions given in earlier posts. Here is one example. (A: Where have the bacterial genomes gone in Genbank ftp? ). Your account may be suspended for a short time if you do not stop doing this.

There is no single/newest link for bacteria genome fasta file. Bacterial genomes are available in individual folders at this link (there are multiple files in each folder, you want the fna file, which is fasta format sequence):

You have to drill down the directory structure before you actually get to the sequence files. Here is an example:

It should not be any ftp portal as my wifi connection don't approve that.

If that is the case then you could browse NCBI Genome web portal. There are 200000+ prokaryotic genomes. Here are just E. coli genomes. If you click on the first entry, it will take you to the genome page here. You can see a link for the genome sequence in top box. That is an FTP link though.


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