Forum:Add A Section For Arxiv Articles To Biostar?
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8.7 years ago

ArXiv is a pre-print server hosted by the Cornell University, where many scientists, usually from Physics and Mathematics, post their manuscripts before publication. Basically, arXiv is the place where you can find all the articles that are currently being proposed to the scientific community, and where you can get feedback for the manuscripts that you are submitting.

In recent times, some scientists from population genetics and other fields of life science have started posting their manuscript to arXiv. A short summary of how some people have started submitting manuscripts there can be found in this Nature News article. Another good resource that has appeared recently is Haldane's sieve, a blog where all the population genetics arXiv papers are discussed publicly. Another recent arXiv initiative comes from Franklin's award winner Michael Eisen, who wrote a blog post inviting people to review his manuscript.

My proposal is: can we add a section to discuss arXiv papers in Biostar? It would be quite easy to implement, as we already have a good system for commenting and for voting. However, there is also a risk of over-cluttering Biostar's interface, and of duplicating the efforts made by Haldane's sieve.

What does the Biostar community think?

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8.7 years ago

I think this functionality would be most appropriate if it were offered on the original site: arXiv in this case. Being able to connect with the submitting authors and discussing the paper within the submission context would be much more valuable than discussing it on a third party site.

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ok, thank you for the answer. I don't think that arXiv is likely to open such section any time soon, though. Let's see if things will change with the arrival of many biologists in to arXiv.


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