Computer Science Undergrad Interested In Bioinformatics Applications
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8.9 years ago

What types of jobs will I be eligible for, if I take up Computational Biology, Computational Neuroscience, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Databases and other Computer Programming course during my Master's in Computer Science? Also, how is the demand for graduates majoring in these fields.

I am currently a Computer Science undergrad with 2 years work experience in web application development, planning to pursue Master's. My initial interest was in Machine Learning and Networks. Having a good understanding in Biology as I have studied it for 2 years before Undergrad and seeing a lot of increasing publications in Computational Biology with the advance in machine learning, I wanted to know what the field has to offer.
I am not very much interested in publications or PhD, I was looking at employment and RnD positions.
Thank You

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8.9 years ago
aswathyseb ▴ 30


I think having a great hand in Computer Science and a good knowledge of Biology is a good combination. In Bioinformatics, most of the applications require good programming skills and knowledge of the biological context is an added advantage.In my experience, many companies are looking for people with good programming skills and some experience at least in some of Bioinformatics applications. I think learning Machine Learning, Databases and some programming languages commonly used in Bioinformatics (Perl,Python etc although this is not a strict requirement) will definitely open up your avenues. Also, I would suggest for you to get some hands-on experience with Bioinformatics applications (projects, internships etc) along with that.

Having said that, I think if you want to stick with programming in Bioinformatics applications, there is a good demand for graduates. But if you want to move up in the hierarchy and move to other positions, you would need a PhD. Since your background is in Computer Science and if you can get some experience in Bioinformatics like I mentioned earlier, you will be qualified to apply for positions like Bioinformatics Engineer, Bioinformatics Software Developer etc.

Hope this helps. Good Luck with your initiatives.


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