Tools Used For Inferring Phylogenetic Relationships Using Next Generation Data Set
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8.2 years ago
kmkdesilva ▴ 90

Hi all,

I have a GBS/RAD data set generated with high throughput NGS. I want to draw a phylogenetic tree from this data at the end. So I'm hoping to align them de novo using stacks. Can some one please tell me what is the tool I can use to draw phylogenetic tree using NGS data

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8.2 years ago
Josh Herr 5.7k

This question is asked very often around here and has been answered many times. You can find these answers by using the search bar through BioStar.

I would suggest looking through this list of software to construct phylogenetic trees and also this list of programs to vizualize phylogenetic trees and making yourself familiar with the different programs and what they do. You'll want to choose a program that will utilize your output from STACKS.

You should probably develop some knowledge in this area and I would suggest reading a good textbook -- I like the new "Tree Thinking - An Introduction to Phylogenetic Biology" book.


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