Job:Bioinformatician Position In Sophia Genetics Sa. Lausanne, Switzerland
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Job description

A position of Bioinformatician is available at Sophia Genetics. The company offers solutions for the secure storage and analysis of patient genome sequence information to enable its effective, confidential application to personalized healthcare. The jobholder will be involved in clinical next generation sequence (NGS) data analysis pipeline development. The candidates will be responsible for testing different open-source solutions and tailoring for in-house use. The applicant will be expected to read research publications and implement analysis algorithms.

Job tasks

The position have two roles:

  1. Maintenance of the bioinformatics’ pipeline building system The Bioinformatician is responsible to maintain the bioinformatics’ pipeline building engine to adapt its functionalities to enable utilization of solutions developed in the bioinformatics department or adapted from external solutions. Maintenance of the bioinformatics pipeline building engine also include any changes necessary to keep the engine scalable with increasing volumes and file size. He/She has to closely interact with the Head of Bioinformatics to make decisions on changes in the engine and with QC on implementation details to enable a smooth and robust transition of development to production. Furthermore, he/she keeps close contact to other bioinformatician in the company to facilitate the integration of external data sources into the engine. He/She communicates finalized and upcoming changes in functionalities of the engine to all department members and he/she is also responsible for designing and implementing test cases for all changes on the engine. His/Her responsibilities also include maintaining the documentation of the pipeline building engine and documenting all changes accordingly.
  2. NGS data analyses of customers, prospects and collaborators The Bioinformatician takes over NGS data sent from customers, prospects and collaborators which where communicated by the Marketing & Sales department. He/She performs this analyses using the appropriate state-of-the art company pipelines and compares the results to provided confirmed results to assess the performance of the existing pipeline. He/She discusses the results with the department head before communicating the results to the Marketing & Sales department. In case of the performance is found to be insufficient according to the current state of knowledge, it is the responsibility of the Bioinformatician to investigate the data and suggest adaptions and developments of a pipeline to improve performance. This also includes comparing the performance of different company pipeline’s to select the most appropriate one. The Bioinformatician is also responsible for providing his/her expertise for aiding the Marketing & Sales department on communicating technical data issues and results directly with the customer, prospect or collaborator. Furthermore, he/she is responsible for packaging any new solution developed in this process and enable the integration in the company’s pipeline building engine.

Profile requirements

The successful applicant should have expertise in NGS data analysis and high volume data visualization.

The applicant must be able to demonstrate excellence in the following areas:

  • Strong data analysis experience using R/Bioconductor
  • Strong programming experience in Perl
  • Strong Unix shell programming
  • Experience in the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data (preferably Solexa/Illumina and ion torrent sequence data)
  • Experience in targeted gene sequencing analysis
  • Familiarity with Galaxy or other pipeline building system
  • Good understanding of clinical genetic testing It is desirable for the candidate to document and demonstrate solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code.
  • The applicant should work well in a group as well as be able to move forward independently.

Please send your application to Dr. Zhenyu Xu ( Sophia Genetics SA

More info:

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I hate to be that guy, but I think the use of 'him/his/he' in reference to the applicant throughout this is a bit unsuitable. On the other hand, the English could do with tidying up in general so it might just be a translation thing.


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