Libraries with different size in the same MiniSeq cartridge
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22 months ago
MH85 ▴ 10

Hi everyone,

I have two target seq libraries. They both target the same amplicons (i.e. they have the same primers and adapters). The only difference is that library 1 contains UMIs and thus is 23 bp longer than library 2.

Can I load and sequence these two libraries in the same Illumina MiniSeq cartridge without losing sequencing data from library 1?

Generally, Illumina advises against this as " shorter fragments preferentially bind to the flow cell and thus shorter fragments are overrepresented in the final sequencing data".

However, I am wondering if only 23bp will make any difference? Does anyone have any practical experience with this?

Thanks a lot in advance


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I highly doubt it will make a big difference. 23bp is close to nothing. Size bias is from what I know a thing when loading something like ATAC-seq libraries where you have fragments ranging between 200 and 1000bp. 23 is really nothing.


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