Question: Salary For A Bioinformatics Programmer In Europe?
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Jeroen Van Goey2.3k
Ghent, Belgium
Jeroen Van Goey2.3k wrote:

(Not completely sure this question is appropriate here, although there have been a few career-related questions before.)

I am considering a job of for a bioinformatics programmer position in Belgium. I was wondering what salary range I could expect (gross salary in euro/month). Also, any additional information that I could use to negotiate a better deal is welcome.

Some background about me and the job: I have a MSc in biology and am halfway in a MSc in bioinformatics (the company is urgently looking to fill this position now, but they promised that would allow me to finish my degree in the future: working 4/5th and going back to school one day a week). The programming would be mostly in Python on the Windows platform. Python is the programming language I am most comfortable with and in which I have the most experience (about 5+ years). However I have never worked professionally as a programmer before.

They didn't ask me to do any coding during the interview, but asked if I could submit some code samples of work I had done in Python. Since I haven't done any big projects in Python, I submitted my solutions to some 40 odd problems of Project Euler. Apparently that was sufficient (their remarks on my code: I have a good grasp of the language and write Pythonic code, but it is clear that I have a biology background and not a CS background since I mostly go for the brute force approach where most of the Project Euler problems can be solved by using some mathematical 'trick').

The job would also involve a lot of international travelling and maintenance of large software installations on-site by clients. I have 2 years experience working on a help-desk but no real experience writing software in a business setting.

Thanks in advance.

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See related post here: Economics Of A Career In Bioinformatics

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Pierre Lindenbaum131k wrote:

From Biogang:Projects/Bioinformatics Career Survey 2008 Results

Very quick and dirty look at salaries in industry vs. academia:

Academic Salary Mean/Median: $36,520 / $33,712

Industry Salary Mean/Median: $66,239 / $64,235

Salary/Years Experience:

Academic Mean/Median: $10,970 / $8,333

Industry Mean/Median: $17,410 / $12,000

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Good numbers to have. Thanks, Pierre. Now, just add to that the rate of salary change/growth per year and you can have a good estimate for 2011. In the USA, salary growth for last 3 yrs is only couple percent for most positions; 0% for govt since 2009.

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Combining the above figures with the information from Larry below, for someone in the industry with a few years experience: $64,235/year is $4941/month ( Take 65~80% of that and convert to euro gives around 2,255€ to 2,776€ gross/month. Does that sound reasonable?

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Larry_Parnell16k wrote:

I saw an analysis of salaries a few months back (possibly in Nature or Genome Technology) in which salaries were compared between USA and Europe. My recollection is you can expect a salary of ~65-80% of the comparable position in the USA. I know this is not a definite number - no one except the hiring manager can give you that as each situation is different from the last - but if you have some salary figures for USA, you can make a judgement.

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Bear in mind that a $50,000 USD salary in San Francisco is quite a bit less money than $50,000 in Madison or Houston. Cost of living counts for a lot. Relative levels of benefits are also very important in the US, since our cost of health care is astronomical.

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True - points taken. On the other hand, I think that average salaries in biotech are driven by places of comparable high cost-of-living: Bethesda, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco. These locations dominate in terms of number of workers. Also, while US health care costs are high compared to European countries, if you're young/healthy, the main cost is insurance and those costs have a wide spread in USA and Europe (> $500/month in Germany for a private policy).

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Khader Shameer18k wrote:

Have you checked ? Here is a sample query for Bioinformatics Programmer, adding specific country / city location information will give you more accurate information.

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Kyiv, Ukraine
Mobilunity0 wrote:

Salaries of developers vary a lot depending on the country and even on the city of the same country. As for bioinformatics developers, the salaries are pretty decent in Europe, as this position is very popular in the biology area from the IT sphere prospective. For, example, hire developers in Copenhagen, Denmark will cost you $101,545 annually on average. In the United Kingdom such developers earn $112,953 averagely. One of the lowest salaries you of bioinformatics programmers you can find in Portugal, where coders earn $46,223 per year.

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Yes, but it's not easy to compare just numbers as other people mentioned before. So, you also have to compare how much a beer in cold, dark Denmark costs in relation to a beer on a sunny beach in Portugal! (Hint: Money, after all, is not everything)

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