CDNA libray 410 peak?!
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9.1 years ago
mahnazkiani ▴ 60

We are trying to do RNA-seq for mitochondrial and nuclear RNA and we sent the sample to genomics center, they made the library and they found a prominent peak in all of sample around 410bp. Any guess about that?

My samples are from plant

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Sounds like you have some RNA that is 410bp. What was the question?

And how is this bioinformatics? Expecting the question to close soon because it's not a technology question, but a wetlab question.

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I'll leave this open for the time being (though I expect someone else will close it) simply to not dissuade someone who happens to have good insight from replying. However, I suspect you'll get better feedback from SEQanswers. The regulars over there tend to bend more toward the wet-lab side of the spectrum than those here.

BTW, it's somewhat important to know at what point in the library prep this was noticed. There are a bunch of rRNAs in plants, so they can show more peaks than you'd see in mammals (presumably that's what the genomics center is used to seeing). If/when you post on SEQanswers, you might attach the whole plot and provide these details.


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