Job:Cancer Genomics and Bioinformatics positions at WashU (Griffith Lab)
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5.2 years ago

We are looking to fill some bioinformatics staff positions. Join a fantastic team (~20 bioinformaticians) working on exciting areas of cancer, genomics, immunotherapy, precision medicine. Our lab is located within the McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University School of Medicine.

We have access to and routinely leverage a diverse array of cutting edge omics assays (whole genome, exome, RNA-seq, TCR-seq, single cell, cfDNA/ctDNA, Oxford NanoPore, PacBio, Illumina NovaSeq, NanoString, high throughput functional data, etc.).

Our projects range from fundamental cancer biology to translational precision medicine exercises. We are currently involved in seven innovative personalized cancer vaccine clinical trials. WashU is a world leader in immunogenomics and oncology research. Visit to learn more about the Griffith lab group.

Contact myself (Malachi Griffith) and/or Obi Griffith for details.

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5.2 years ago

I'm an active collaborator on several projects and can vouch that the Griffith Lab is a great place to work - fascinating research projects and good people!


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