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5.0 years ago
Peter Horbatz ▴ 150

Hey all,

I search for bioinformatic training in NGS analysis. I see many by sequencing firms. Do it make sense? Do they have knowledge in bioinformatic? Will you more recommend training by bioinformatic firm?

Thank you!

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If you look under the news tag you will find many training courses (mainly in Europe). Some are from "bioinformatics firms", if you want to call them that, since they do not seem to offer sequencing.

Why does it matter who does the training. If a sequencing firm is offering training it should be fine. They do need a lot of informatics expertise to deal with data. Many customers also want the data analyzed post sequencing. There are standard established methods for data analysis for major NGS experiment categories and the trainers are going to choose from one of those methods.

If you are curious about the credentials of the trainers ask for them before registering for the course. You can also ask for referrals to a couple of past attendees, if you want to check with them yourself.

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Thank you for nice answer. I will check trainers!

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5.0 years ago
Michael 54k

I do not have a preference for either of the two options you name, they might have their pros and cons.

There are more options though that are not-for-profit:

Training courses organized by training platforms funded by large funding agencies.

Elixir Europe's training program is a good example:

Programs like TESS might provide a broader approach to researcher training and research schools, they make their materials available, aggregate courses and might provide a rather unbiased overview in comparison to the for-profit training model. They might also be more cost-efficient for the individual researcher than commercial training options.

Disclaimer: I am working on a project partially funded by the Norwegian Elixir Node. Feel free to ask me anything about researcher training and access to courses.


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