Tutorial:Using R in Conda
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9 months ago

Hi Everyone!!

Being a conda user for almost a year now, I thought of making this short bulletins to keep R installation in conda tidy and error-free for beginners. Here are the following suggestions from my experience

  1. Install R in a separate environment. Conda packages requiring my downgrade or upgrade your r-base which might cause version problems. Use conda create -n R to create new environment.
  2. Always install r-essentials package rather than conventional r-base to prevent yourself from the horrors curl, curl, zlib, glib brings with them in r-base. conda install -c r r-essentials and also install rstudio to enjoy GUI experience conda install -c r rstudio. You can run the studio by simply typing rstudio on the command line.
  3. Three errors are inevitable in R the solutions to which can be found here and here. Generally, the Makeconf file is not empty if you do the installation in a separate environment than the default base environment.
  4. Do not update the default packages that come with r-essentials. You are more unlikely to undo all your efforts by doing so since it will update rcurl and everything changing their respective paths.
  5. R is particular about the sequence in which you install packages. Maintain a separate file and keep the installation commands saved to use them if the R needs to be reinstalled. Example of the order is here

I invite others to share their experience because installation of R has been a challenge.

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