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What makes python special
Here, I would like to discuss what makes python to stand top and why the buzz of python increases day by day, and the python certification demand is increasing day by day

We will learn:

what is python

why python tops over another programming language

Features of python

Special qualities of python

What is python

Python is a high-level programming language and easy to use. Python developed with simple syntax structured One of the primary goals of Python Developers is keeping it fun to use. Python has become a big buzz in the field of Web Development, API, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

Why python tops over another programming language

Development Speed

The majority of Python is designed to be syntax free and easy to understand. This makes writing Python code very easy and developing software in Python makes it less complex to developers

Library and Framework Support

Python Library supports Data Analysis & visualization, Machine Learning Algorithms, Complex data analysis, and NLP

Framework Support

There’s a variety of frameworks to pick out from, relying for your desires, which includes:



falcon etc.

Features of python

The above image gives us a clear idea about the Features of python.

Special qualities of python

Free and open source

GUI support

Libraries for automation

To learn more about the python course visit our python page

You can also go through the python tutorial to get an overview of python

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